7 tips to improve your sexual relationships during menopause

7 tips to improve your sexual relationships during menopause


In the process of menopause there are a series of hormonal changes that alter our physical and emotional state. Intimate relationships and sexuality are some of the things that are affected by these changes.

Concerning the physical aspect, the vaginal tissue becomes thinner, the elasticity decreases, and vaginal dryness and inflammation occur, which can make sex difficult. In addition, among the emotional symptoms you can experience loss of libido and discomfort with your body. (1)

These are totally normal symptoms, and the good news is that you can do many things to relieve them! Here you will find several tips to improve the state of your intimate area and reconnect with your sexuality and eroticism. Knowledge is power!

  • Hydrate your intimate area

When menopause arrives, it is important to include the hydration of your intimate area (vulva and vagina) in your habits. It is common to associate intimate moisturizers with sexual relationships, but the importance of these products goes further. In fact, they are two different types of products with different functions: moisturizers improve the vulvar tissue and relieve the irritation and itching that vaginal dryness can cause (it is a daily care use). Lubricants, on the other hand, are designed to be used in the sexual act, facilitating penetration and exalting sensations of contact in the area.

There are many types of moisturizers and lubricants (there are also products that fulfill both functions). Find out and choose yours!

  • Exercise your pelvic floor muscles

Another consequence of a drop in estrogen levels is the atrophy of the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. This causes a loss of sensitivity during sex, the sexual relationships can be more difficult and painful, and orgasms less intense. Regularly exercising your pelvic floor muscles will help you regain pleasure and improve your orgasms. Besides, it can help with other symptoms such as urinary incontinence! The most effective way to exercise your pelvic floor is with the Kegel exercises. In B-wom we help you with a personalized routine! You can also try using Chinese balls.

  • Open your mind

Besides improving your intimate area, it is also important to work on your mind. It is important to accept the changes as a new stage of your life and think about sexuality beyond penetration. Sexual relationships can be much more: caresses, kisses…Open your mind, it’s time to open up to all senses. In this stage of your life, you can also need more time to get excited. It’s normal, focus on feeling and enjoy. (2)

  • Communication with your partner

If you have a partner, it is important to talk to her or him about how you feel and what you need. It will help you feel more comfortable and take the pressure off. It’s a moment of sexual exploration for both of you!

  • Do exercise

Doing exercise will help you calm your mind and relax your body, which can make you feel more comfortable and help you regain the desire for intimacy. Besides, staying in shape will increase your trust in yourself, which can also have influence in your intimate relationships.

  • Nutrition and supplements

Certain foods can improve your hormone levels and the symptoms of menopause. You can also take nutritional supplements to enhance the effects, such as phytoestrogens. Some women are more open to alternative and natural medicine, while other are more skeptical. The most important thing is that you know about this option and feel free to explore and inform yourself.

  • Talk to your friends!

All the changes you experience are completely normal and probably your friends are going through similar things. It is very important to share how you feel, but if it is also with people you trust and you can even laugh about it, much better! Intimate female health is nothing to be ashamed of. Start the conversation!


You already know that menopause is a period of changes, but your body is design and prepared to feel pleasure at any time of your life. You just need to open your mind to a new sexuality and take care of your body with new habits. Take control of your health and enjoy your life to the fullest.




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