Secret Pelvic Floor Exercises at the Office

Secret Pelvic Floor Exercises at the Office

In continuation of our Kegel and Hypopressive series, we are going to show you ways of implementing these exercises secretly in your daily life. 😉 This week’s post focuses on how to discreetly perform Kegels and Hypopressive exercises at the office while working.

So now What?

After reading the two previous posts I’m All About That Kegel, The Hypopressive Exercise: The Hypo What?, we now know the background, importance and benefits of Kegel and Hypopressive exercises. But how are we supposed to implement them?

When you have a busy day, usually the last thing you want to do is go to the gym or to set up a spot in your living space to do Kegel and Hypopressive exercises. However, there are other ways to perform them in public areas that are quick and discreet. You can continue training your pelvic floor wherever you go if you so choose. 😉

Below are two ways in which you can train your pelvic floor by performing discreet exercises at the office.

Discreet Kegel Exercises at the Office (or anywhere really)

  1. Sit on the edge of the chair with your back straight. Keep your heels well on the ground and your knees aligned to your hips.
  2. Now try to contract your pelvic floor by closing your vagina or if you are not sure how to do that, imagine that you want to prevent passing gas. This movement will provoke the activation of your pelvic floor muscles.

The goal of the exercise is not to use much force, but to feel the movement occurring in your vagina during contraction and during relaxation.

Contract for 5 seconds and rest for 5 seconds, repeat it 10 times. 

Discreet Hypopressive Exercises at the Office

  1. Sit on the edge of the seat and keep your back straight. Align your knees to your hips. Place your hands on your knees, bend your elbows and direct them sideways with the tips of your fingers facing inwards as seen in the photo
  2. Inhale opening your ribs as much as you can.
  3. Then exhale all of the air and when there is nothing left do not breathe back in. You can help yourself do this by closing your nose with one of your hands, while at the same time closing your mouth. After some practicing you will not need to do it anymore.
  4. Now open your ribs and pretend catching a breath but don’t actually breath in. If the exercises is done well, you should notice that your belly really goes in and thatyou feel a slight stretch. (see Ex. 1) You may even feel your organs lifting up into your ribcage. Stay in this position for four seconds. Then breathe in and rest.

Helpful Hint: Prevent your shoulders and chin from rising up. Keep them relaxed together with your pelvic floor.

This is hypopressive breathing. If you notice that during the exercise you have let air in, then the hypopressive breathing did not work and you should try again.

Repeat the exercise 5 times and try to make it to 8 seconds without breathing in.

Hypopressive method by Marcel Caufriez ®

Wrapping Things Up

This is how you can train your pelvic floor by doing exercises at the office, which will save you time while taking care of your intimate health. Doing these two exercises frequently will help you tighten and tone your pelvic and stomach area. Isn’t it great?

What do you think about these exercises? Do you feel it is useful for you being able to perform them while you work? Let us know!

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*Please note that these exercises are not for everyone and have not been tailored to individual needs. We would recommend that you know your pelvic health before performing these exercises. You can do so by taking our free pelvic floor health test by downloading our app on Android and iOS devices.

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