New year: past achievements and new resolutions

New year: past achievements and new resolutions

As we did at the beginning of 2018 and 2017, we start the year with our usual blog post of New Year’s resolutions
. If you did not read them, we recommend that you do it! Inspiration is always welcome when it comes to thinking about objectives.

The New Year’s resolutions may seem somewhat traditional and unreal, but it is one of the few “classic magazine contents” that we love, because having goals is essential for human beings, and just as important as is putting them in a time frame so that you don’t lose focus, and you are able to celebrate when you reach them!

Universally, the change of the year is a moment of balance, changes and new goals. That’s why we love to help you set goals, in this case, specifically health and wellness goals. Also this year we want to add a new ritual: remember and celebrate the achievements of the past year. Keep reading!

List of achievements of 2018

This year, before thinking about what you want to achieve we propose another exercise: make a list of achievements and things you have achieved that make you feel proud. This ritual is super powerful to start the year with positive energy, and it can also help you think about your purposes for this year. I read it recently in Eva’s blog: Eva muerde la manzana and I thought it was ideal!

Start by saying “I’m proud of …” and make a list of things like:

  • Personal achievements
  • Difficult situations that you have solved
  • Professional achievements
  • Objectives you have reached
  • Limits that you have imposed

Very good! Now keep doing it until you have written 50 things! You can do this exercise with a person you trust to encourage each other to keep looking and remembering things. Sometimes we don’t realise what we have done from the inside… Tricks to think about more ideas when you feel that “there is nothing else”: from those great achievements that you have written down, think about all those things that have teached you something: learnings, the overcome limits, and the first times of something that makes you feel satisfied…

New resolutions 2019

It is much more motivating to think about New Year’s resolutions after seeing all the things you have achieved and made you feel right, isn’t it? ? If you had set resolution last year, have you achieved them?

We usually write down things that are too vague and then it is difficult for us to “celebrate” because they have been half achieved. That’s why we propose you to give priority to a short list, demanding with your objectives but concrete, and above all, the objectives must be on you! Winning the lottery is not a resolution, and neither is finding the love of your life. ?

In this post you will find several feminine health resolutions that you may not have thought about but that can really change your life, such as prioritizing your sexual health, reducing the toxins of your life or relieving constipation.

This year we give you several ideas to create health habits that will help you feel better.

  • To make breast self-exploration a monthly habit: breast self-examination takes only 5 minutes and can do a lot to yourself. Studies confirm that 43% of women detect breast cancer themselves, that’s why it is such an essential tool. Other studies warn that breast self-examination could increase stress in women, but it is often due to lack of knowledge. At B-wom we have developed a tool to help you observe and touch yourself step by step, and to create the habit with monthly reminders. If you have not started yet, now is the time! Download the app!
  • Include pelvic floor exercises in your weekly routine. Many women tell us that they notice the benefits of doing Kegels and hypopressive exercises right away (in 2 weeks!), However, when they stop doing them, they sometimes have symptoms such as urine leakage or less pleasure in sexual relationships. The pelvic floor muscles weakens if we stop training them, like it happens to other muscles. That is why Kegel exercises should be part of a routine of “maintenance”, especially in your 40s or in case of suffering risk factors (such as past injuries, practicing running, crossfit or any impact sport, a job with weight lifting …). In addition, sedentary life also aggravates the weakening of the pelvic floor. That’s why this is important to all women.
  • Pamper every part of your body that requires attention. Take care of yourself if you have a cold, if your back hurts, if you have a wound … This is even more important in times like postpartum or menopause, that require special attention to the intimate area. In B-wom we have included the plans Sexuality in menopause and sexuality after childbirth where you will find new habits of self-care.

After delivery, it is also very important to pay attention to the wounds or scars and take care of them, not only to heal them but also to get tissue back to normal and recover the feelings. Discover the new objectives Take care of your c-section scar and Take care of your perineal scar, they are pure self-care and love for the body.

  • Start the day with breathing or relaxation exercises. You can do them at any time, but it is important to determine a moment to give yourself that mental space and help you create a habit. This purpose can be the pre-meditation, since we often set ourselves the goal of meditating every day but it can be difficult if we have never stopped to observe and feel the breathing before, even for a minute! You can start by stretching and then continue with breathing exercises (we will soon have a plan in B-wom to help you start in this world).

We wish you a happy year, with a lot of mental peace and lots of love and self-love. If you want, you can share your purposes in the comments. We love reading them! You can also give us ideas for new content in the app 🙂


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