How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Have Better Sex

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Have Better Sex

Let’s be honest, people are complicated beings! Most people would admit to some sort of sex hang up. But is negative thinking affecting your ability to have a healthy, thriving sex life? Hypnotherapy can be a great resource for sexual healing. It may sound weird, but is backed by science.

For some, hypnosis may seem like an unlikely avenue to pursue for help with psychological or physical difficulties, but its clinical applications are becoming more and more apparent. A number of studies have helped add weight to the notion that alternative therapies, such as hypnosis, can be used as an effective replacement for traditional or pharmacological approaches (1).

Sex is a complicated process marrying the physical and psychological. And while it’s true that both men and women are affected by emotional influences, this is perhaps truer of women when it comes to the ability to reach orgasm. Many women feel the act of sex makes them vulnerable (in more ways than one) and the modern pressure on women to perform, rather than reach a state of physical pleasure, is found in abundance. Just look at all the unrealistic online porn or the way female pleasure is shown in mainstream Hollywood movies.

From a physical perspective, the act of sex requires that women make themselves that much more vulnerable than men. And yet, for truly mind-blowing sex (for men and women), an intimacy and connection needs to be reached. But what blocks this connection and how can hypnotherapy help?


States that can affect your sexual well-being

And how hypnotherapy can help


Past trauma and abuse

Whether physical or emotional, the effects of abuse or trauma leave an internal wound on your psyche. No matter how much work you may have done to understand these negative beliefs, changing the subconscious mind is extremely difficult and we are left with all kinds of internalised false truths. Hypnotherapy is very effective in repatterning these negative voices into positive affirmations about ourselves.


Low self-esteem

A lack of confidence in ourselves – whether the hang-ups are to do with the way we look or the belief that we are undesirable and unlovable – leads to feelings of low self-esteem. This is a disaster for sex! The confidence you have in yourself will have a huge impact on your levels of sexual intimacy, comfort and your acceptance of love and sexual happiness.

Do you feel shy about your body? Do you lack confidence in bed when it comes to sharing what you like, your fantasies and turn-ons? It’s very difficult to have a happy sex life if your mind is constantly worrying about your fat rolls or giving your partner some gentle guidance to your sweet spots.

Simple self-management hypnosis techniques can be used to improve low self-esteem when difficult or emotionally stressful situations, such as intimacy with a partner or trigger negative thought patterns (2).  These techniques increase relaxation and internal emotional experiences empowering you to take control of your emotional state (Stephan, 2014).


Sexual anxiety

Past sexual trauma and low self-esteem can often lead to sexual anxiety. And while we know how this affects men on a physical level, did you know it can affect women too? The physical implications might not be as obvious, but it will certainly affect your ability to reach orgasm or have a satisfying sexual interaction.

Most women can only orgasm when the focus is on what your body is enjoying and not when your mind is alert to outside factors. Far from the outdated thinking that hypnotherapy is a manipulative parlour trick, it is now applied to a number of clinical uses.


Can Hypnotherapy Help You Have Better Sex?

But can hypnotherapy really help you have better sex? Hypnotherapy can be used as a tool to rewire our internal messaging and free us from negative thought patterns (3). Can you see how useful this would be for sexual hang-ups? The mind-body connection is real! By freeing your mind from these self-depreciating thoughts, you are able to focus your efforts on positive experiences.

If you feel that any of the factors I’ve discussed really resonate with you, then you would be a very good candidate for rapid transformational therapy (hypnotherapy). As an effective tool to tap into your subconscious, address deep-seated issues and beliefs, the healing potential of hypnosis will help you release the negative beliefs and thought patterns that are blocking your sexual happiness.

Here’s to a future of great sex. You certainly deserve it!



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Elaine Young of Hypnosis Heals is an accredited practitioner of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), a new therapeutic approach to hypnotherapy

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