Estrella Jaramillo

Business Development and PR


Spreading the Bwom message internationally. She is in charge of presenting Bwom to the media and to potential partners, so we can help women everywhere! Now reporting about her deeds in the US. Everybody pelvis up!

I graduated in Translation and Interpreting. From that moment on, I started building an international and verstile profil. I work mainly in Spanish, English & German and i’ve lived in Germany, Spain and the US. Traveling is my biggest passion. Another one is women’s studies, so after completing my Masters Degree in Corporate Communications and IE Business School i focused on working for companies whose mission was to make women’s lives easier 🙂 I joined Bwom mainly because of its powerful mission, which lies really close to my heart and hope to help millions of women feel healthier and happier.


Más sobre mí:

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