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The beauty and health ideals for women have changed significantly in recent decades. Losing weight is no longer the main priority for a woman’s fitness routine or lifestyle. We are seeing more marketing campaigns and Instagram influencers praising the muscular bodies of female athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

When a woman becomes pregnant (especially for the very first time), it’s very common for her to face all kinds of doubts. One of the most frequently asked questions that health care professionals are asked is: ‘Can I have sex during pregnancy?’ The answer is: of...

We are looking for a new person for our offices in Barcelona! B-wom grows. We have new challenges and goals, and to carry them out we need an assistant.
  • Want to join a femtech company that is changing the approach towards healthcare?
  • Want to live on first hand the day to day of a startup that is growing, with the opportunity to grow with the company since its initial moments?
  • Want to work at the Pier01 Barcelona, “the house of the entrepreneurs”?
  • Want to know how is to handle a global business from Barcelona?
  • Want to learn the differences between B2C and B2B2C?
  • Want to have an impact on society as well as building a business?

When we discuss menopause we often focus on the physical changes that happen to our body, but it’s important to recognize that we will go through some mental and emotional changes too. The intense hormonal and physical changes can cause negative mental health effects such as mood swings, anxiety, difficulty with memory, and even depression. In fact, the risk of depression for women actually increases after menopause.

Postpartum common situation: You’re home with your new baby and, through all the excitement of bringing life into this world, you haven’t stopped to really observe your new body - until now. You knew it was going to change through pregnancy and childbirth but you...

Making an article about New Year Resolutions is already a classic for all health magazines and blogs. So, we wanted to create a different list: specific purposes for women’s health. Because our bodies are different and so are our needs. Whether you already have done your resolutions list or not, taking a look at these habits and goals will give you ideas to improve your well-being and rock  2018.