Original Content by Olatz Zeberio, Transposed by Shannon Trudeaux The muscles of the pelvic floor undergo changes throughout the course of a woman's life such as pregnancy and menopause. And in some cases the pelvic floor is weakened through these experienced changes. In others it simply requires more attention. However there are 5 main factors that damage the pelvic floor.  The pelvic floor is damaged when it receives excessive pressure, stress or injuries in any of the structures of the pelvic area. Taking care of the pelvic area is important for preventing problems like Urinary Incontinence (urine leakage) and improving your intimate health. For this reason it is important to know the five main factors that can harm your pelvic floor:

Original Content By Olatz Zeberio, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Specialist Transposed by Shannon Trudeaux

The Pelvic Floor Area

Most of you would probably better recognize the term just as the pelvic floor; however, the pelvic floor area encompasses more structures within your body than just the pelvic floor muscles. Thus, it is important to be able to identify the different pelvic areas in your body.

Bwom By Veronica Torras, Transposed by Shannon Trudeau

Bwom and Women's Health

Hello, I’m Veronica, the founder of Bwom. Together with my team, we have developed Bwom, a mobile application designed by women for women, to help better the intimate health of individuals like you worldwide. Centered on the pelvic floor, this application works to personalize your exercises in order to fit your needs for all stages of life.  The idea to create the Bwom app started when I (at the time in my 30’s) realized that I had never really consciously exercised my pelvic floor. I came to realize just how important it is for women to exercise and know about the state of their pelvic floor. Because, just like any other muscle, you need to exercise it as a preventative measure against possible health problems. And just like in physical therapy, in order to fix preexisting problems, education about the problem and exercising the weakened muscle is oftentimes the solution to strengthen and re-balance the body.