B-wom Crowdfunding Campaign: 120% thankful!

B-wom Crowdfunding Campaign: 120% thankful!

A couple of weeks ago we successfully closed our first crowdfunding campaign. We reach 120% of our goal and we can not be more grateful to all the people who have supported us, so this blog post is especially dedicated to all of them.

Why a crowdfunding?

We needed funding to expand the contents of the app and we decided to try to achieve it with a crowdfunding campaign, we reached the necessary money, but it also allowed us to create links with our contributors, make all the people who believe in our mission part of the project and our mission to change the focus of women’s health from prevention and education.

And we have achieved this double objective! On the one hand, we have obtained € 7,933 that will allow us to launch the function of breast self-exploration guide for cancer prevention (free for all women) and the sex plan after childbirth.

This has been possible only thanks to all those who have participated: friends, companies, brands that have donated products and users. Thank you! This is a collective success to create a positive impact on society.

This is the list of our contributors. If you are here, we want to let you know that we are enormously grateful for your help and for being a part of B-wom:

Brands that collaborated:





Sofia Fournier






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