We are looking for an Assistant to CEO (Internship)

We are looking for an Assistant to CEO (Internship)

We are looking for a new person for our offices in Barcelona! B-wom grows. We have new challenges and goals, and to carry them out we need an assistant.

  • Want to join a femtech company that is changing the approach towards healthcare?
  • Want to live on first hand the day to day of a startup that is growing, with the opportunity to grow with the company since its initial moments?
  • Want to work at the Pier01 Barcelona, “the house of the entrepreneurs”?
  • Want to know how is to handle a global business from Barcelona?
  • Want to learn the differences between B2C and B2B2C?
  • Want to have an impact on society as well as building a business?

If you said “Yes” to all the questions above, keep reading, B-wom is your place 😉


About B-wom

Women experience many changes in their bodies throughout their lives that can cause health problems and issues They are common in all women, and many of them, can be prevented. However, intimate health is still surrounded by taboos and stigma, and women experience many problems in silence, and they go to the specialist when the issue is already very severe, and costly for the system. No education, no prevention, no real evaluation.  This is a big problem that affects millions of people. And we change this pattern trough technology

We are working to change women’s health, moving From sick-care to health-care. B-wom is a digital coach that gives women the tools to prevent and take control of their health.

To make this possible, we have a passionate senior founding team of 5 people with entrepreneurial experience who have the right skill combination. And we have been backed by Hansi Hansmann, lead investor of MySugr (sold to Roche) and Runtastic (sold to Adidas), the Runtastic founders and the Doctoralia founders.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for someone to be the right hand of our CEO.

The person joining will need the following skills:

  • Bachelor or MBA on Business Administration
  • organized
  • trustful
  • committed
  • mail communication skills
  • English needed and at least, understanding of spanish, better both languages
  • eager to learn
  • self-contained and self-reliant


Job description

  • Right hand of the CEO of B-wom
  • Full knowledge of all what the CEO is handling and follow-up of some matters
  • In charge of the partners relationships
  • The person joining will assume or collaborate on part of the tasks that the CEO has been doing til now:
    • Investors’ updates and relations
    • B2B2C partners: collaboration proposals and follow-up
    • Partners: selection, agreements validation, relation and follow-up
    • Screening of opportunities
    • Applications process
    • among others…


Additional information

  • The position is not paid now, however, we want this person to become part of the company on the future and join with a full-time position with the new round
  • We believe in diversity, and we would like to have more men in our team (No, we are not wrong, right now we are more than twice as many women!)
  • Helena Torras, the CEO of B-wom is board of Barcelona Tech City and has been named as one of the “the 25 spanish people from the tech world that you should follow on twitter” according to businessinsider .
  • To apply: email us at helena@b-wom.com
Bwom Team
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