B-wom for Good Health & Gender Equality

International Women’s Day is a commemorative day adopted by the UN in 1975, in the midst of the industrial revolution, to claim the struggle of women to participate in society in equality with men. Nowadays is a day to celebrate the social, economic, political and cultural role of women in society, but also to claim and denounce pending issues, such as gender equality, women’s health rights or gender violence.

These are some of the causes that have moved the UN to launch in 2016 a new program of goals for all countries and people to improve our lives and our planet: SDG’s or Sustainable Development Goals.

Our mission in B-wom is the empowerment of women in society through technology and health knowledge, so it is an honor for us to officially support these goals, especially Good Health and Wellbeing and Gender Equality.

We want to create a positive impact on society and this is our way of doing so: giving women the tools to take care of their health, breaking taboos about women’s health, and raising awareness about the nature of our bodies and their changes, which in many cases are the source of inequality in the working environment.

We have seen women who quit leadership positions after being mothers due to problems of urinary incontinence. Women who don’t dare to ask for help to overcome health problems that limit their social life. And on the other side: women who have regained their confidence thanks to recovering from intimate health problems, and women who have improved their productivity and social position thanks to an increase in self-esteem after overcoming these problems.

This is the area for which we have started empowering women in society. A hidden problem that has a real impact on women’s lives. And that is necessary to know and resolve to reach the total equality of women in society.

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