6 Women’s Health Resolutions that Will Make the Difference

6 Women’s Health Resolutions that Will Make the Difference

Making an article about Resolutions is already a classic for all health magazines and blogs. So, we wanted to create a different list: specific purposes for women’s health. Because our bodies are different and so are our needs. Whether you already have done your resolutions list or not, taking a look at these habits and goals will give you ideas to improve your well-being and rock  2018.

  1. Make your sexual health a priority

Sex is a connection. Connection with your partner and connection with your own body. It also has many benefits for your health that you have surely heard: thanks to the chemicals that are released, sex boosts your mood and self-esteem, reduces stress and pain, activates the immune system …

If you believe that sex is a somewhat forgotten part of your life, this is a friendly reminder that caring for it should be on your New Year Resolutions list. Give it the importance it has. Reactivate your libido, enhance pleasure and feel the power of orgasm. How?

  • Exercising your pelvic floor is key to improve sensations. And at  B-wom we even have an specific plan: Increase your sexual pleasure. You’ll find 12 Kegel and Hypopressive exercises to tone your pelvic floor and vagina. You’ll improve pleasure whether you have sex discomfort or just want to boost your sensations in sex and get more powerful orgasms. In addition, with these exercises you will prevent and improve urine leaks and even your posture. Download the app now! 
  • If you have not done it yet, we recommend you to delve into the world of sex toys. Both for use alone or with your partner, they are a great tool for self-knowledge and to increase your sexual drive. You can find yours at Unbound, where they have done a great job of sex-curating vibrators and accurate classification!
  • And finally, if you have sex pain or have any problem with your partner, sick for help! Gyno, sexual therapist or pelvic floor PT. There is a specialist that can help you. Prioritize your sexual well-being it is important.  

  1. Reduce toxics, switch to organic!

Most common cosmetic and personal care products that we use daily have chemicals that can be toxic to our body. That’s  why using as many natural and organic products is the best option! We recommend you to start with the most intimate: intimate and menstrual hygiene. Conventional tampons contain pesticides (related to hormonal imbalances, fertility problems and cancer), synthetic fibers -which promotes vaginal infections- and whitening chemicals that affect your natural PH balance. You have many natural options: organic tampons and pads (as Ellbox do, delivered to your door), the vaginal cup (like Lunette), period-proof underwear as Thinx or reusable pads… Test and choose! And don’t forget you are also helping our planet 🙂 


  1. Know your menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle is the -complex- process that prepares the uterus for a possible pregnancy every month. But the repercussion of this process on your body goes far beyond reproduction. The hormonal changes define your emotions, how you feel and how you act. Knowing what stage of the cycle you are in and understanding these phases will help you understand your emotions and not judge you, eliminate stress and even reduce menstrual pain. What to do? Track and learn! You’ll find many blog posts about menstrual health at B-wom and soon you’ll be able to track your period in the app too. 


  1. Say goodbye to constipation

Ok, constipation is not a cool thing that appears on the resolutions lists such as meditation or yoga. However, constipation is a very common problem in women that affects their quality of life and that can be addressed with certain habits and exercises. 80% of our user base (women between 25-55 years) suffers from chronic constipation. This does not only affect the digestive health, but also the emotional and even the intimate health (did you know that chronic constipation weakens the pelvic floor?).

Improving this problem could be easy if you become aware and change habits such as improving your posture in the toilet. In B-wom we can help you say goodbye to constipation and hello to a new normality. Being happy also goes through your gut!


  1. Take care of your emotional health

Managing stress is the great challenge for most people today. Meditation is a practice with which you can reduce stress, improve concentration. There are many apps that can help you, such as Headspace, Calm or Expectful (this is specialized in meditation for fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood). If you’re interested in practice yoga but don’t know how to start, we recommend you Yogaia, that provides interactive online classes to practice from home. If you want to try other things, very soon in B-wom you will find habits and exercises for managing emotions, such as Mindfulness or NLP exercises. The goal is to improve your well-being with just a few minutes a day!


  1. Do your breast self-exam every month

Every time we see and hear more and more cases of breast cancer around us, but it is not about living with fear. Instead, use this emotion as a trigger to create a new habit of prevention: do a breast self-exam monthly. At B-wom we will send you a monthly reminder and we’ll show how to do it, step by step. Remember that the percentage of survival of breast cancer is about 80% in early detection cases. It is worth to adopt this habit as a new year resolution! 


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