Meet Bwom, your personal tool for women’s intimate health.

Get evaluation, personalized exercises and guidance to improve your quality of life.
Made by women for women.

Bwom is the first customized app for managing women's intimate health.

Learn how to care for your pelvic area at every stage of life.

youth and adult without children

Discover and empower your intimate health before problems arise.

Pregnancy and postpartum

Prepare your body for delivery and get back your body and activity after.


Strengthen your body after having children and get in shape.


Accompany your body as time passes and tone your intimate muscles.

Start to feel results in 2-3 weeks.

PREVENT Urine Loss

Fixes small losses of urine when you sneeze, cough or do exercise.

Improve Sex

Improve the muscle tone for more pleasure and to improve sensations.

Flatten your belly

Strengthen your abdominal girdle so that your organs stay where they should be and show off a great belly.

Feel better and more secure

Empower your wellbeing through your most intimate area and gain security from movement and connection.

Personalized plans for reaching your goals.

Keep progressing with recommendations after each exercise based on your feedback.

Take control of your intimate health.

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